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Thank you for visiting my  site. My  goal is to provide the highest degree of personal services to my clients.  I understand that each and every person that reaches out to me whether it be for a reading, mentorship, a class, healing and or coaching is an individual with a unique set of needs. I do my best to serve you the best way possible. 

For more information call 914-924-7153 or email believeandlisten@hotmail.com and follow me on TikTok @mediumcarlablaha

“Had a great reading with Carla. Very accurate and on point with the loved ones coming through.  I am now at peace knowing they are ok and with me.  I would recommend Carla if you are looking to be in touch with passed loved ones.  Can’t wait until my next reading!“


“Carla is exceptionally talented and amazing.  In almost every reading, she would tell me some things that have come true shortly after.   She is a straight shooter with a ton of compassion for others.  Always after every reading I walk away feeling much lighter and better about things. I would recommend Carla for both a group reading and a private reading.  She is fantastic and enjoy the experience immensely.”


“ Absolutely amazing reading tonight. And some of the things u said that I couldn’t validate were validated by my family. Can’t wait to do this again during the summer.”


I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

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